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BFK GLOBAL HEALTH Introduces New Clients’ Focused Services

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………supporting BUSINESSES & HEALTHCARE INSTITUTIONS to achieve better!

Through our

***BFK Global Deals Consulting ***BFK Global Deals Health ***

BFK Global Deals Consulting   (…here to get you there….!)

We basically exist to support business organizations and ventures to thrive and achieve better than where they currently are, through our cutting edge offerings including:

  • Training and Capacity Building: Combined 125 long years of experience of the available faculty and immense invaluable technical expertise across business management functions well position us for bespoke strategic training and capacity building for clients’ staff for required skills sets, enhanced performance, target deliveries and motivating personal development.
  • Sales and Marketing Promotion to increase sales significantly over a given period of time as well as increase brand equity for specific products over agreed time frame.
  • Human Capital Management Services including Recruitment of fitting value adding staff, Training of personnel, Payroll Management, Out Sourcing Services and other Personnel requirements of our clients.
  • Strategy Planning: In providing succinct Business Strategy Support to our clients, we collaborate with them to figure out where their businesses are at and envision where they want it to be within a given calendar period and plan the how within the available resources at the most optimal of costs.
  • Business and Ventures Start Ups Support: Featuring Feasibility Studies Report writing by which banks and other financial institutions funding may be accessed and by which new ventures can be established and run according to plan.


BFK Global Deals Health  (your empathizing healthcare partner)

Responding to observed needs of our potential clients in order to continue to add value to the health care delivery chain in Nigeria, we offer:

@ Medical Tourism Facilitation Services: Before yours or your loved ones medical conditions aggravate any further, consider treatment options in India, Israel, Turkey, Germany or Switzerland. We handle all the stressful necessary arrangements for you and get you access within the shortest possible time frame to the best optimal and lifesaving hospitals and surgeons at the best cost regimes available in any destination of your choice. We do even more to make life a lot easier in your trying situations.

@ Healthcare Management Support of across hospital/clinic set up, operations, marketing, systems strengthening, community health solutions, etc. Our professional services here will assist from design to building of clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, equipment sourcing, supplies, installation and maintenance, hospital/clinics operations and management, sales and marketing promotions and other consulting services to ensure your health facility is on good footing to achieve the preset goals. We proffer actionable solutions to a wide range of healthcare delivery challenges at rural community and urban scenarios levels. We do more and more to keep adding needed value to the entire healthcare value chain.

Further to our focus on proffering bespoke practical solutions to observed as well as anticipated healthcare delivery challenges, we recently introduce our:

@ Home Nursing Care for the elderly, the bed-ridden, and the home restricted patients. We will gladly arrange adequate professional nursing care for your loved ones in the comfort of their homes and even assist them have access to their doctors or hospitals in cases of emergencies. We have retained services of experienced nursing care givers who can work hours to suit our patients’ needs. You owe your loved ones the best at the most convenient and at the earliest, because they deserve no less.

@ Telehealth is a platform by which we arrange for patients and doctors to consult on line with specialists in world class hospitals abroad and explore latest modern trends in medical treatment and practice and hence gain access to crucial lifesaving second opinions on their various treatment cases. Let’s fight avoidable health damages and unnecessary deaths together, with no efforts spared.



CONTACT US today at:

+234 808 701 5314

10, Kofo Popoola Close, Old Ife Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.



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