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Agribusiness Ventures

BFK GLOBAL FARMS is an Agribusiness consulting company. Our vision is to be a catalyst in changing the face of Agriculture in Nigeria. We plan to do this by providing the business community within and outside of Nigeria  with the information, network and resources they need to succeed in the sector. To ensure that we provide our clients with the best service possible, we will partner with various organisations who are leaders in their different fields.

For decades the Nigerian Agricultural space has been carried and sustained by a large poulation of subsistence farmers . The result is that we are a largely import based country with barely enough food to eat and a wastage level of fresh produce estimated at over 60%. To move from this state of apathy to a state where we are once again a respected Agricultural nation, we need to get the educated, exposed, entreprenurial and technologically aware members of our society involved in Agriculture. 

Our role is to :

1. Make training and information available to those who need it, through  Fairs, Seminars and Information Technology

2. Make it convenient for the business savvy individuals to get involved.

3. Provide Networking opportunites for investors and the people who need the funds.

4. Change the perception of the populace as it relates to Agriculture

5. Expose investment/business opportunities in the sector.

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10, Kofo Popoola Close,
Old Ife Road, Ibadan

+234 803 321 8228,
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